5 Situations Where You May Need to Take Out a Personal Loan


People who are in need of cash resort to taking out loans to satisfy their financial needs. When it comes to loans, arguably the most popular type of loan right now is personal loans. Almost one-quarter of adults in the United States have a personal loan – 67% of these borrowers got their loans at traditional banks, while 18% got theirs from online lenders. 

Today, we will focus more on personal loans online because it’s very accessible, and the number of people who choose online lenders over traditional banks is increasing. The application for online personal loans is very easy and you can get the funds you need immediately, making it an excellent choice for emergencies. 

The question is when you should take out an online personal loan? Here are five situations where you may need to use this type of loan for urgent expenses. 

Higher Education Expenses

It’s common for parents to go to a bank to get an education loan for their child’s higher education expenses. However, the money you can get through this type of loan may not be enough for the other expenses that relate to your child’s education. Of course, you need to include the traveling, food, and boarding expenses into the equation. 

That’s why a personal loan can be a big help to cover the total expenses for your child’s higher education. Before you send him/her to college, you can contact an online lender to borrow the money that you need. 

One advantage of an online personal loan over a bank’s education loan is that it’s easy to apply for it. No need to visit the lender to fill up your application because you can do it on the lender’s website. Also, online lenders offer more affordable annual percentage rates compared to banks. 

Medical Expenses

Sudden hospitalization or medical emergencies is another reason to take out an online personal loan. Today, the cost of hospitalization and medicine is very high. Most of the time, your health insurance may not be enough to cover the cost. Even worse is when you don’t have health insurance to help you shoulder the medical expenses. 

If you find yourself in this situation, getting an online personal loan is a good decision. You can apply for a $1,000 up to $100,000 loan amount of this type of loan. That’s large enough to help you cover the cost of a medical emergency. 

However, you need to keep in mind that higher loan amounts require higher credit scores. So, check your credit score first before applying. 

House Renovation

It’s hard to just let time pass when every day you see that dilapidated kitchen or damaged ceiling in your dining room. You need to take action! 

What if you don’t have money at the moment? Is it a smart move to borrow money for the repair or renovation expenses? Where can you find a lender that provides personal loans fast? 

The answer to these questions is an online personal loan. With this type of financing, you won’t have to wait for a long time to receive the funds that you need. Plus, the lender may offer you a favorable loan term if your credit score is good. 

Consolidating Debt

High-interest credit cards or other loans can lead to a debt problem that’s hard to solve. However, it’s not unsolvable. If you have the same problem, you can contact an online lender to apply for a personal loan to consolidate your debt. 

Debt consolidation allows you to combine your high-interest debts into one payment. Through this debt repayment method, you can minimize the interest rate and it will be easier for you to repay the debt because you’re now paying to one lender. Don’t wait until you default on your loan and damage your credit score. Get an online personal loan now!

Wedding Cost

A wedding requires couples to do some financial planning. Sometimes couples can be so extravagant when it comes to weddings. There are even times that the actual expenses go over the planned budget. In this case, you might find yourself in a financial emergency that requires you to borrow some money. 

Today, online lending firms offer personal loans for weddings. They can provide you with the money that you need to cover the church fees, wedding reception, catering, and other expenses of this special event in your life. 


If you need to borrow money for personal expenses, going to an online lender to get a personal loan is a smart option. The loan application is a breeze since it’s online, and the funds will get deposited into your account fast after the lender approves your application. 

Online personal loans can cover your medical, home renovation, wedding, and college expenses. You can also use it to consolidate your high-interest debts

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