Know About Banglarbhumi Mutation Case – Check Status Online


Are you unaware of Banglarbhumi Mutation Case? Get clear information on what is Banglarbhumi Mutation Case, how to check Deed wise search Online at official website, and know the status of Bangladesh mutation case.

When a land/house is sold or exchanged, the transition of ownership from person to person is known as “Mutation.” After the property is mutated, the property will be changed to the name of the new owner.

The government and the revenue department will charge the property tax to the new owner. As ownership changes property tax is one of the most essential things to check before the contract is signed. Based on state-wise, the payment process will change.


Banglarbhumi Mutation Case:

West Bengal Government and Land & Land Reforms department of the state both mutually provides Mutation Case and Deed wise Search service for property holders. Banglarbhumi is the online web application that is designed with a key intention to help state people to have clear/transparency in Land and Land Reforms details.

The service enables users to get details about who mutated the land and the current land-owner details under BanglarBhumi land records online services. Approximately 4.30 crores of Khatians and 42,042 Mouzas land records were stored by the National Government and the land department under the portal of Banglarbhumi service. So, all the property holders and buyers can easily search Mutation Case and Deed wise to check the land status and details.

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How to Check the Status of Banglarbhumi Mutation Case Online?

Firstly, people can check the status of any Banglarbhumi case Mutation Status in Western Bengal information here. People can check the Banglarbhumi mutation case status in two ways. One is case wise search and the other way is deed wise search. Let us start how to know the status of mutation with case wise search.


Follow these steps to check Banglarbhumi mutation case status with case wise search option:

  1. Visit the Banglarbhumi official portal
  2. Login to view further services
  3. From the home page choose “citizen services” option
  4. Select the submenu option of “mutation state cases”
  5. Choose Case wise search option
  6. For Case wise search, enter details of your district, case number, block, and Mouza.
  7. Click on the ‘submit’ button on the page
  8. According to the search, the result will be displayed on the page

Only two fields (deed number and deed year) required for Deed wise search

  1. Open Banglarbhumi official portal
  2. Login to go further page
  3. Click on “Citizen Services” option on the home page
  4. Choose the option of “mutation state cases” in the submenu
  5. Choose Deed wise search option
  6. Enter these two field details and click on the submit button
  7. According to the search, the result will be displayed on the page

If the land-owner faces any mistakes and failures, he can directly report complaints to I hope users are now clear on how to view the details of Mutation case status in the official Banglarbhumi portal!

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