HSBC Credit Card – How to Check/ Apply Application Status Online


There is a huge change where people start using electronic payments instead of using cash.  Not just it evolved the banking system but also turned the hectic transaction process easy and simple. There are a large number of people who started using credit cards recently; also the rate is kept increasing. Well for that HSBC which is also known as one of the largest and popular banks in India introducing the different designed credit cards so the people can use it whenever they like.  Apart from that, the credit cards are especially to make people’s life easy so they can fulfill their requirements.

There are different options that you can choose when you want to apply for HSBC credit card. The bank is offering online and online options so anyone can apply for the credit cards.  Not just that, it’s also easy to track the status of credit card applications either you choose an online or offline option.

HSBC Credit Card

Your experience can be hassle-free and easy, that’s why HSBC avail the option of online application status checking for credit cards. For that you have to follow some simple steps, so you can get the status of the credit card application. Here is what you need to know:

  1. For the first step, you have to visit the official online website of the HSBC bank
  2. After that, go to the option where credit cards are mentioned
  3. There you get a form to fill. Provide details such as reference number, application number, date of birth, and mobile number.
  4. Once you complete submitting your form, you will get an access to check the status

HSBC Bank Credit Card Introduction:

HSBC is known as one of the latest organization which is offering financial services and banking.  HSBC offers service like global banking, marketing, and management in wealth, retail banking and commercial banking. Not just that, it is also listed in different countries stock exchanges like London, Bermuda, Paris, New York, and Hong Kong.

Types of HSBC Credit Cards:

HSBC is providing different types of credit cards which suits different need and requirement of the people.  Well, these credit cards have its own benefits and criteria for applying which is important to consider when you choose. Here is a list of a credit card that you will find.

1. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card: The owner of the card get reward programs and benefits for those who like to shopping which get more value as well as rewarding every day

2. HSBC Smart Value Credit Cards:  The credit card owner will eligible to get better lifestyle products and services.

3. HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card:  the card is designed for those who are eligible for HSBC Premier Clients 1. Also, the card provides reward programs and lots of benefits to the people who shop more and travel a lot

4. HSBC Advance Visa Credit Cards: The card is for everyday need where the credit card is mostly used. The owner of the card will enjoy the different reward programs with lots of benefits. It will help you in supporting your livelihood.  

How to Check/Apply HSBC Credit Card Status Online:

Well, there are few options that you get for checking HSBC credit card status. However all the options are easy and simple, also you can easily access your card status once you apply for credit card, the bank will send you an SMS as letting you know that your application is acknowledged. Also, you will get reference and application number.

  • Check HSBC card status: Use your phone number

HSBC provide various options so their customers can easily check and keep themselves updated. For checking the status, you can also use your phone number. But it’s important that your number should be registered with your application and also verified by the bank. Here is how you should check your status by using your phone number

  1.    HSBC has its own website where you can check. Visit their official page first
  2.    After that, search credit card section
  3.   In that section, you will get columns to fill where you have to provide your registered phone number. For the verification process, you will receive OTTP on your number.
  4.    Add the OTTP to the given section and after submitting you can check the status
  • Check HSBC credit card status: Use your airway number

Well, when your application is completed and approved by the bank.  HSBC will send a letter where the applicant gets the shipment details of credit card and bill number of air way. Through the air way number, the applicant can check their credit card status. However, for that, you need to follow steps

  1.     Visit the official HSBC website
  2.    Search the option and select track your credit card
  3.    The page will redirect your request and land to a different page
  4.    After that, enter your air way number.
  5.    It will take some time for verifying; once the process is done you can tract the location as well as other information as well.
  • Check HSBC credit card status: offline

It may be chances that you are not able to access your internet or maybe you are not feeling confident about the online process. No need to worry as you can check the status offline as well. Feel free to walk to the nearest bank of HSBC you have. The staff will help you to understand the process that you need to follow. If you want to avoid any kind of a hassle, you can also contact them. However, be sure when you visit or call, you have your e-reference number, application form number and birth date handy. The executives of HSBC bank will let you know about the information that you are seeking for.

How to Login HSBC Credit Card:

There are two options for login; you can either do that by using your username or internet banking ID. Apart from that, here is what you need to follow so you can log in:

  1.    Go to the official website of HSBC bank
  2.    Select the login option
  3.    You will get the boxes where you have to fill information like username or internet banking ID
  4.    You can also login with the help of a security device or with a password.

HSBC credit card customer care number

HSBC bank also makes sure that the customers who are not comfortable with online or internet process, they can also get connected to the help.  Well, not just that the applicants can dial the customer care number for checking the credit card status. The lines for telephonic conservation are open between 6:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Also, there are some terms which are used when you check your credit card status. These terms are for telling about the exact status of your credit card application, here is what you must know:

1. What if your status is showing ‘in progress’: when your credit card status is growing ‘In progress’, it means the bank is reviewing the documents and applications, and you will be informed once they are done.

2. What if your status is showing ‘Approved’:  it means that your application is approved by HSBC bank and it’s accepted. Once you get approved status you just have to follows some basic steps to get the final results.

3. What if your status is showing ‘on hold’: Maybe because of some issue or reasons, the bank is not able to complete it’s reviewing your application. However, it will change if they get the solution.

4. What if your status is showing ‘rejected’ or ‘no application found’:  if you are getting rejected status, it means that bank not accepted your application. However, there are different reasons behind the rejection.

How to make HSBC Credit Card Online Payment:

HSBC is availing huge options in credit card online payment so the customer can enjoy the smoothest experience. Here is what you are getting:

  1.    HSBC internet banking
  2.    Electronic clearing system
  3.    Visa money transfer
  4.    HSBC mobile banking
  5.    Bill Desk
  6.    Standing instruction


Today, Credit cards are one of the most important things that every person need. Also in recent days, the use of credit card is increased with huge numbers as most of the people prefer going cashless. It’s important to have the easiest process which can help the transaction to go smoothly without causing hassles for the person. Not just that, HSBC is providing the safest option as well.  There is no doubt that in upcoming years, the people will want more services like this so they can enjoy their lives and improve their livelihood.

HSBC is offering an easy solution for those who are looking for beneficial and profitable credit cards. However, you just have to apply for the credit card where you will get the application number. Also, you can track your card status with the help of basic information like Date of birth, application number, registered phone number etc.

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