Does Your Car Insurance Cover Riot Damages?


Have you ever imagined a situation wherein a riot has damaged your car? Unfortunately, vandalism and riots have always been present in different parts of the country. It may seem distant but a riot can affect your home along with your car! What is an effective solution in that case? Will you be able to manage the financial distress? Do you have a car insurance policy, and does it cover riot damages? If you are not conclusive about these situations and insurance policy features, here is a detail to help you out.

Basic third-party car insurance

When you buy a car in India, you have to purchase at least a basic third-party liability car insurance policy according to the Motor Vehicles Act. It will cover all types of damage caused to other people or their property. The insurer will compensate for the losses if you and your car are the reasons behind the damage. However, it will not cover the damage that occurred to your own car.

So, what can compensate for your losses when your car gets damaged during a riot? Well, the answer is comprehensive motor insurance.

Comprehensive motor insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance accounts for two different aspects, ‘Third Party Liability’ and ‘Own Damage’. The ‘Own Damage’ part of the insurance will assure for covering the damage that occurred to your car. It can be due to a natural calamity, theft, or even man-made disasters. As people cause a riot, it will be considered a man-made disaster. Your insurer will certainly pay for the repairs and reduce your financial burden. However, it will not be assured if you willfully damage your car and claim your ‘Own Damage’ insurance.

How can you claim ‘Own Damage’ due to a riot?

Raising a claim for damage caused to your car due to a riot is a critical process. Primarily, you have to know the policy features and the necessary documents required for the same. Here is a brief about it.

Firstly, you should inform the insurer regarding the damage caused due to the riot. However, if you are also significantly affected, a delay will be condoned by the insurer. As a moral obligation, try to contact the insurer as soon as possible. Secondly, try not to touch your car after the damage and before collecting the necessary evidence. Finally, take many pictures from different angles to portray the real picture to the insurer. Take video evidence as well. Going further for the policy claim process, you will require a set of documents.

Documents necessary for the ‘Own Damage’ insurance claim

Here are the set of documents that you need to ensure to get it ready before applying for the insurance claim if your car insurance cover riots:

  1. Insurance policy document: The policy document is required to check and verify your personal details, the coverage assured and also if the policy is applicable and not expired. Always ensure to do the online renewal of car insurance as it is available all the time. TATA AIG car insurance renewal online process is relatively simple and extremely user friendly. The customer support service is also highly efficient.
  2. Application form: It varies between different insurers. You have to fill in the necessary details about the damage caused to your car by the riot. You can either submit it online or offline.
  3. FIR: The First Information Report will be strong evidence in case the vandalism was on a higher degree causing extensive damage.
  4. Newspaper and magazine reports: To substantiate the evidence, you can collect newspaper reports and produce them to the insurer for their consideration and verification.
  5. Bills: Along with these documents, you have to submit the bills related to the repairs undertaken due to the damage from the respective garage.

If the claim submitted by you is approved, you should be getting the settlement within 2 – 3 business working days.

Can a car insurance claim in riots get rejected?

Claim settlement is a detailed process undertaken by the insurer. It is because insurers need to value a genuine claim and avoid any fraudulent intentions. For example, an insurance claim for your car damaged due to a riot can get rejected due to the following reasons:

  1. The policy is expired or does not include the ‘Own Damage’ cover.
  2. The insurer gets evidence that the damage to the car is voluntary.
  3. The necessary documents or the evidence are not submitted.
  4. Terms and conditions of the policy have been violated.
  5. The type of damage caused due to the riot is not mentioned or covered in the policy.


Riot damage has been rising in the recent past. The best way to protect your car is not to park it in an area prone to vandalism. Instead, secure it by parking it in a sheltered place or remove it if there is a threat of riot that is about to occur. In any case, do hold a comprehensive motor insurance policy, including the ‘Own Damage’ component.

While purchasing an insurance policy, try to compare car insurance plans of different insurers based on the extent of coverage, premium rates and customer service. You cannot predict or avoid a riot. However, with an effective car insurance policy, you can promptly secure your car to the older version!

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