How to Block SBI ATM Card by SMS, Call and Internet Banking?


We do know that the state bank of India is one of the best and leading banks in our nation. It has more customers than any other bank, and if we talk about the services, then you cannot even compare with any other government bank. Apart from providing digital services like access to net banking, mobile banking etc. It also provides some digital services related to your security concern. For example, the block and unblock feature of our debit card.

Sometimes, We want to replace our existing card, and so we need to block the card for getting a new one. On the other side, sometimes, we misplaced our debit card, and after some time, we do remind us that we forget somewhere. This can get you into serious trouble as anyone can use that card for doing transactions and for preventing fraudulent activities. SBI offers access to the customers for unblocking and block feature of their card. Meanwhile, they do not need to visit the branch every time for getting their card blocked unblocked. In this post, we will learn about how can we use this feature to block the SBI ATM card online.

Block SBI ATM Card:


There is a total of 6 methods to block your debit card online and as well as offline. We will tell each way with the steps. So, that it would be easy for you to understand the exact procedure, you need to do for blocking your ATM card. The six methods are:

  • Block Through Internet Banking without logging in.
  • Block Through Internet Banking after logging in.
  • Block Through SMS.
  • Block Through Phone Banking.
  • Block Through Mobile Banking.
  • Block By Visiting Branch.

#1 Block Through Internet Banking without logging in:

In this method, we will tell you how can you block your debit card without login to the internet banking portal. It is the most convenient way to block your SBI ATM card instantly, and you only require the access of account number and the registered mobile number with you. Registered mobile is because you will receive one-time-password on the same.


  • First, you need to visit the SBI login page, and you can do this by clicking here:
  • From the page, click on the block atm card button.
  • A popup will appear and will ask you your account number linked to a particular debit card.
  • Then select your country and enter your registered mobile number associated with a particular account.
  • Last, fill the captcha and click on submit.
  • Enter the OTP you receive on your mobile number and then a success message to your request will display on the screen containing ticket and reference number.
  • That’s it.

#2 Block Through Internet Banking after logging in:

The second method to block the SBI ATM card by login to the internet banking portal. It is again the most convenient way as the above process requires phone confirmation as well, but if you block your ATM card through this method. Then, it won’t need any approval, and your debit card will get blocked instantly.


  • First, you need to visit the SBI login page, and you can do this by clicking here:
  • Enter your correct details on the login page.
  • Once logged in, go through the E-services option from the menu.
  • Select ATM card services.
  • Under the ATM card services page, you will find the option of block/unblock ATM card.
  • Click on a particular link.
  • Verify the details using your profile password or OTP.
  • Click on submit, and your debit card will get blocked instantly.

#3 Block Through SMS:

The third method to block your SBI debit card is via SMS banking. SMS banking is in trend from the last three years, and one has to send only a simple SMS for doing any query. Example, you can check your recent five transactions, balance and other details using SMS banking. Similarly, the debit card blocking system is also available via sending an SMS.

You can block your debit card by sending BLOCK<space>XXXX to 567676 from Card holder’s registered mobile number ( in CBS) only (XXXX is the last four digits of State Bank Debit Card which Cardholder wishes to block)

That’s it. after sending the SMS, you will receive a confirmation message which will contain the ticket number and date/time.

#4 Block Through Phone Banking:

Another process to block your SBI debit card is via calling the customer care executive and ask them for the blocking of your debit card. You can do this by calling 24X7 Toll free Helpline No.18004253800 and 1800112211 and Toll No.08026599990.

#5 Block Through Mobile Banking:

After internet banking, mobile banking is currently in trend. Mobile banking not only allows us to use our banking services from anywhere, but it also provides almost every access we get through internet banking. Apart from the other services, it also gives us access to block or unblock our debit card using SBI anywhere mobile application. Let me tell you how can you block your debit card using SBI mobile banking.


  • First, you need to login SBI mobile banking by installing the application.
  • Once logged in, on the home screen of the application, select the services tab.
  • Under the services tab, you need to select the debit card hot listing option from there.
  • Now, you need to select the debit card you want to block and which linked to the particular account.
  • After the debit card selection, the customer will be asked to specify the reason for the blocking of the debit card.
  • Choose the reason and validate by providing the OTP which you will get on your registered mobile number linked to SBI bank account.
  • Once the OTP verification is done, your debit card will get blocked instantly within 2-3 minutes.

#6 Block By Visiting Branch:

The last option to block your ATM cum Debit card is by visiting the SBI branch near you. You need to fill the form and submit to any of the executives for the blockage of your debit card. Soon they will receive your application, and then within 24 hours, your ATM card will be blocked.


Many of us sometimes lost our things, and the debit card comes under those things. If we lost our debit card, then our first step is to block the particular debit card to prevent any fraudulent activities. Another reason for blocking debit card can be different from the individual to individuals. In this post, we have mentioned all the procedure you need to know. So, in case if your debit card gets stolen or you misplaced it somewhere. You can easily block either online or offline. Do let us know in the comments section if you want to know anything else about blockage of debit card.

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