How To Request for Indusind Bank Cheque Book Online?


Indusind Bank customer? Are you tired of visiting the bank for requesting new cheque book? Then what if we tell you there is no need to visit the bank anymore for cheque book purposes? Here are the steps to get Indusind Bank Cheque Book Online.

Indusind Bank one of the best bank for providing two-wheeler loan and credit card schemes to their account holders. If we talk about the particular savings account as well, then they are useful at providing the services as well for savings account holders. They are all set up to give modern solutions to modern problems.

How To Request Indusind Bank Cheque Book online?


Indusind Bank was established in 1994, It is a Mumbai based private sector bank, and now it has more than 1000+ Branches and 2000+ ATM across the country. Anyway, Let’s come to the central part that how can we request IndusInd bank cheque book by sitting at our home.

There are four ways to apply your cheque book online: let me list them.

  1. Net Banking
  2. Mobile Banking
  3. Online Portal
  4. Phone Banking 

Sounds interesting? Then, Let’s have a look at how these methods do work.

#1 Net Banking:

If you are an account holder of Indusind Bank, then you must be aware of its facilities including Net Banking as well. However, if you still not activated your net banking, then I will suggest you do it by visiting a branch for once.

Net Banking of Indusind Bank provides us amazing facilities from fund transfer to requesting a cheque book online. 

For the application of the new cheque book, you can follow the steps I had listed below.

  1. You need to visit the Net banking portal, and you can do this by clicking here:
  2. Second, you need to enter your user id/customer id and password to login into the security panel of your account.
  3. After login, on the mid-top menu, you will find the option of ‘Service Requests’ Click on it.
  4. On the next screen, you will be shown a few options, and you have select the ‘cheque book request’ option only.
  5. At last, you have to select your account and number of leaves you need and then click on submit. 

(After confirmation, It will take around 7-10 working days to get your cheque book delivered to your doorstep)

#2 Mobile Banking:

Mobile Banking is something that everyone needs. Meanwhile, you can have total access of your account on your fingertips. Apart from these, you can even request for services (example: cheque book)

  1. You need to login into the Indusind Mobile banking application. (Your login id and password would be same like net banking)
  2. Now, after login tap on services tab & Then account request.
  3. On the next screen, Tap on Cheque book & DD a drop-down menu will come and then you have to select the option of cheque book request. 
  4. At last, you need to choose your account number and the number of leaves you need. That’s it.

#3 Online Portal:

Not having access to internet banking & mobile banking. No worries, Indusind Bank is all set to provide you the proper solution to your problem. Meanwhile, they offered the new service from which you can request for the cheque book online even if you are not a net banking or mobile banking customer. Let me show how.

  1. First, you need to visit the online portal by clicking here:
  2. Second, you need to enter your account number and the captcha code to proceed.
  3. The OTP (One time password) will send to your registered mobile number. You have to confirm it by entering the code on the website.
  4. That’s it. 

#4 Phone Banking:

Easier than before, it is true that you can request for your new cheque book by calling the toll-free number of IndusInd bank. Let me show you how.

  1. You need to connect the call by dialing toll-free number: 1860 500 5004
  2. Second, you need to confirm your account details and that you can do it by entering your ATM card details.
  3. The call will connect to the customer executive, and once it is connected, you can request for your cheque book.


Indusind Bank Limited is one of the top listing banks of India, and we already know about its secure financial services for having two-wheeler loans. Apart from loans, they had much to offer to their savings account holders as well, and they had done it by enabling the option of requesting cheque book online. The same we had mentioned in this post that how can you apply for your new Indusind Bank Cheque book.

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