Smart Facts about Mortgage Loan Calculator – Features and Benefits


Introduction to Mortgage Loan: In the case of a mortgage, it applies a debt to any immovable or land pledged to as protection or leverage by the borrower or client. In the majority of banks, mortgage lending is based on different variables, like duration, fixed or variable interest rate and investor levels.

Mortgages Loan Types:


Simple Mortgage

In this situation, the lender essentially speculates the real property for the use of a loan. In the event of a repayment failure, the lender is entitled to sell the mortgaged property.

Usufructuary Mortgage

The property’s asset is therefore sold to the landlord who can earn rentals or dividends without having the borrower’s liability.

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English Mortgage

This shall decide the personal responsibility of the creditor and transfer mortgaged properties to the lender ensuring that redemption of the loan is effective.

Mortgage by Conditional Sale

In this scenario, a mortgage agent purchases his/her property with terms that become applicable if he/she fails to pay but becomes invalid when repayment becomes good.

Mortgage by Title Deed Deposit

To return for this the borrower reserves the value of the property to be loaned by the investor.

Anomalous Mortgage

An anomalous mortgage is a mortgage which does not apply to any of the above forms of mortgages.

Mortgage Calculator – Features:

  • Mortgage calculators help customers to evaluate different banks’ lending programs to figure out how much money they could save by switching to a particular bank.
  • To compare multiple payment options in addition to calculating the total cost of a mortgage, consumers may assess specific loan amounts, tenures, and interest rates into the online calculator.
  • Once you have entered particulars of the monthly payment, interest rates, and tenure, users can use the repayment mortgage calculator to obtain information on their refund schedules.
  • In terms of their monthly mortgage payments, interest, principal and capital outstanding results, users can obtain detailed results.
  • Every customer may log into a mortgage calculator and obtain the desired results, including details on interest rate size, amortization and loan number.
  • Mortgage calculators are user-friendly since they can be used to easily measure in a limited time to provide an analysis of various mortgage options in the market without seeking experts’ help.
  • In many cases, the financial jargon of the policy document or site may make prospective applicants overwhelmed. The mortgage calculator is saved by such clients by simplifying comprehensive data and allowing users to see the component simply.
  • With mortgage calculators, users can better understand products and services instead of text descriptions.

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Mortgage Loan Calculator – Benefits:

  • Mortgage calculators allow users to easily calculate their EMIs instantly within less time. Thus saving your time.
  • Get accurate/correct results with an online EMI calculator for a loan against property (LAP) rather than manual calculation.
  • It allows you to plan your finances immediately and show the EMI amount to be paid to the bank.
  • Avoid potential distress on your future finances and choose the EMI that comes within your budget.
  • Review the amortization plan and the EMIs for a range of loan tenures and interest rates and choose the best EMIs that suit your repayment capability.

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