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SBI or state bank of India is known as one of the largest financial service providing institute which spread all over India. There are lots of services that are provided by the SBI to their customers as well as their employees. However, apart from that, SBI introduced new services for making their employees work simply through internet banking where they offer HRMS which is also helpful for their valuable customers too.

For knowing more about the object, here is everything that will help you.

What is SBI EMS?

Well, to understand it better. It’s important to understand more about what SBI EMS is.   EMS stands for employee management system however the direct login is not a featured which you get by the state bank of India group.  Well, Employee management system is also very crucial for different things as it helps in meaning the work more fluently and easily. There are lots of benefits of having this system that can do all work without disturbing or getting anyone to disturb anyone. Well here are the benefits of having this system and why it’s one of the recommend things, not just that SBI promoting such system so the employee, as well as a customer both, can get the best services and easy options in doing work.


EMS or Employee management system is helpful for managing the employee in the bank as it offers the easiest solution that can solve the issues that mostly use in the workplace. It also helps in tracking down the employee performances and also nothing things that can help in boosting up the work. It also helps the employee to focus on their goals and controlling the work that they have to do.  For the bank, it’s important especially when it comes to SBI who have one of the biggest work systems with huge numbers of the customer. The bank has to deal with people on a daily basis however they need neat and clean work process where the employee can focus on the clients and customers completely instead of worrying about any other thing

Such a system also helps in securing the employee information including the details as well as all other stuff. It also helps the bank to come up with better services and improvements which help the SBI to get the quality in their work so the clients get the best services and experience. As per the employee, EMS help them to learn regarding how to work in management, improving their work, boosting their confidence and doing everything which can help to focus on the primary goal.

Well EMS which stands for enterprises messaging system which also falls under the same strategies. For those people who want to have an account in the State bank enterprises messaging system, they should do their registration where they will get the password as well as their username. Apart from that, they also need to contact their local head department or admin of EMS.

Things that you must know about EMS:

There are some basic things that you must know about EMS and how it works. Also, the service is not for everyone as the permanent employees are only eligible and those who are associated with the bank can also get the services of EMS. However, EMS is just an email address which is given to the employer and partners of the bank. These email addresses are not like others as they are a unique and little bit different.  Not all employees can get the access of using the portal as for that they have to contact the head department.

Two Ways to Login into SBI EMS Portal

For login to the SBI EMS portal, there are basically two options that you got which are easy. However, it depends on which one you find simple for yourself and which one suit the taste of yours.  But before you jump to read those ways, there are a few things that you need to know about the whole process and also what should you need to avoid doing.

  • Sharing your username and password

It’s not just that hard thing to understand but it’s very important to take care of. Never share your username or password or any other details related to logging in with anyone. Avoid sharing it with the staff of yours. It’s not just for protection but also for making your work simple and easy.

  • Disable login

In case you forget your password or you keep doing the login even they are not taking your password. The portal or the website will automatically shut down for the next 30 minutes which means you can’t do until the time period is over. Also, you can try your password only five times. For login, you have to wait for 30 minutes.

  • Forget your password

If you forget the password which is the most obvious thing then you have to first contact with the helpline number of EMS which will be provided to you. You can’t do it at your own as there are no manual settings like other websites do. This thing is for security reasons and after the call, you have to submit some credential is it can be verified that the email belongs to you.

  • Password Validation

The password that you get is only valid for 90 days that means you have to keep changing your password as it will get expired after the fixed time span. Most people forget their passwords but do make sure that you remember it as well as keep it safe too.

  • Change in password

The activation process is done from the authority side then you will get a username as well as password. The information will directly share with you. The first password comes as OTP which you have to use for the first time log in. However, after that, you have to reset the password.

  • Activation of the account

For the activation, those who are interested have to communicate with the IT department of the bank, Administrator or EMS chief.  After the request is placed to the head office and the activation will be done to the EMS account.  Once your request is approved after the bank will verify the documents and process.  However, the activation request will be complete within the 24 hours.

  • Security

The first time security passwords will that you get in OTP. Also, the password is important that’s why it’s crucial to not share with anyone. The basic idea behind this is to not risk anything.

Well, after you are done with these points, here are the ways by which you can do the login

First Way via SBI EMS app

Well this option is best for those who find going on the portal is time-consuming and you don’t have that much time to log in again and again. Also, the app is much faster and easier way which let you access your work without taking time. Apart from that, it’s more handy and convenient.  But again make sure you are with the password change thing that you have to after 90 days for keeping the account safe.

Second Way via SBI EMS Email Login Portal

Another option that you can use for login portal and for that you should follow these steps which will make the whole thing much easier

Step 1: visit the SBI EMS portal or you can simply click here

Step 2:  After you get the page and kind of form will open where you have to enter the password and username which you will get from the authority of the bank

Step 3:  if you are doing it for the first time then you have to set a new password. Once you are done and you will set the password, you are all ready for next step

Step 4:  after filling the data and setting up the password, your page will redirect to another portal of EMS and the dashboard of the account.

From here you can do the work that you have to as you are all set for handling the account of yours. However, if you are facing any kind of issue regarding the login to the account then you can simply contact the helpline.

If you want to call, here is the number for that 100123, 100123, 100127, and 100124

For email, you can use this address

Here is the helpline for those who want direct help 022 – 2756679

Benefits of EMS SBI Login:

There are lots of things where EMS helps a lot.  well if you are still wondering about what does the benefits that the bank or the employee can get through the EMS then here is the is of things that you need to know.  Also using mobile phones for communications to one person to another or using any other form is not just look counterproductive but also messy. It will slow down the whole work as well as disturb the flow.

Well, most of the employees use their own method for messaging or communicating. However, using any other method can also degrade the security and jeopardize the system.  Introducing the system to the SBI helped the employees to stay connected using the secure email address without dealing with any kind of issue or safety.

  1. Enhances the security of message

The message between the organization will be sired and encryption so the devices can stay safe so the information too.

  1. Process employee improvement

Also, it makes the file and information sharing very quickly. Also, the employee can share whatever they want or what the authority want without worrying about the location or the place.

  1. Controls on streamlined account

It also makes the controlling accounts much faster and easier. It keeps everything in place and according to the easiest way so the work never suffers.

Why EMS important for other sectors too?

Well not just for SBI but the system is also beneficial for other sectors as well.  In general, EMS is extremely helpful in organizing the whole work much simpler. Here is how it’s beneficial for other industry as well.

  1. a) Travel & Hospitality companies: Travel industry can get the best out of EMS as it will help them to share information regarding the guest. Its most effective when the season is going to peak time as the communicating with another mode can cause hassle whereas using the EMS can be helpful for making everything easy as well as simple. It will also help in serving the best services to the customers.
  2. b) Insurances and risk management agencies: Insurance and risk management are one those sectors where the EMS play a crucial role as instead of communicating with the mobile or messaging using different devices. This one is safest and also they can communicate from anywhere without worrying about the location.
  3. c) Firm-related Legal & Advisory: Safety is one of the crucial things that play an important part and also need to keep it secure. Dealing with clients and sharing some case related information using another mode can be dangers, however, through EMS, they can freely do that without worrying about anything as well as it will keep everything in one place.
  4. d) Organization related healthcare: the healthcare section can also need to protect the treatment details and treat their patients on time without delay. By this way, they can get the details on time and with the most secure way.


Before you Log in, it’s crucial to understand that there are some basic steps you should flow. EMS is not just helpful for the bank but also for the employees too. EMS is the safest options that help in keeping the information and also sharing details without wasting time or anything else. Apart from that, EMS is one of the beneficial services that are provided only for the permanent staffs or employee of SBI bank. The service is not easily available for anyone as it requires request that you have to make in the upper authorities or your IT department.

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