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Introduction to SBI HRMS:

State Bank of India has introduced the Human Resource Management System Portal as a digital extension of its services. This portal plenty of services provided for its employees and pensioners.

SBI is one of the well established public sector banks in India with a major role of it in the banking sector running with the mission of committed to providing simple, responsive and innovative financial solutions and vision to be the bank of choice for transforming India with ethical transparent and sustainable services with politeness. The Head office of SBI is physically located in Mumbai. It is spread all over the country with more than 14000 branches and around 191 foreign offices.

SBI is the first Anglo-Indian Bank started in Calcutta as Bank of Calcutta on June 2nd, 1806. It was re-designed as Bank of Bengal within three years i.e. on January 2nd, 1809. This is the first joint-stock bank of British India sponsored by the Government of Bengal. Following the Bank of Bengal, Other two have come up, Bank of Bombay on April 15th, 1840 and Ban of Madras on July 1st, 1843. The amalgamation of these three banks formed the Imperial Bank of India on January 27th, 1921.

SBI HRMS Login Portal

SBI has come up with many services online through HRMS portal. Here you can find what are all the updates done by SBI and how can you access SBI HRMS login.

What is SBI HRMS Gate?

SBI Human Resource Management System Gateway is specially designed for the convenience of SBI staff members and SBI pensioners to access all the services provided by the bank. This SBI HRMS login avails you with the facilities like HRMS SBI IRJ login, SBI HRMS SAP portal, HRMS SBI Coin, SBI HRMS EMS, and HRMS Salary Slip.

In the details available on HRMS SBI Website, the complete functionality, and services provided by the above mentioned various facilities.

Who can Login the SBI HRMS Website?

The candidates eligible for SBI Human Resource Management System are the current working staff of the State Bank of India and retired employees of the bank and the controllers working in all parts of the country. All the associated bank employees are also eligible for using this HRMS website. The associate banks of SBI include State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), State Bank of Mysore (SBM), State Bank of Travancore (SBT), State Bank of Karnataka (SBK).

What Details are Available on HRMS SBI Website?

After login to the SBI HRMS Irj portal, the users can access many details as follows:

  1. Can view the Salary pay slip in detail. This lists all the information on every rupee in the salary, by categorizing all the allowances and deductions and PF amount of employer and employee are detailed.
  2. Allows you to check the balance in your bank account.
  3. If you have applied for a loan, it allows you to check the loan status.
  4. If not applied for any loan, you can check the available loans you are eligible for.
  5. List of holiday dates throughout the year is shown here.
  6. Employee Management System allows you to manage your leaves and track your leaves and leave application status.
  7. The complete statement of the account with all the transactions is also available.
  8. For Pensioners, Pension pay slip is also generated.
  9. Full details on the pension plan are provided.
  10. Nomination of PF can be done here.

In the SBI HRMS SAP Portal, the employee can access the modules related to system analysis and programming system of SBI. Those include career development courses, capital management, employees performance management and virtual classrooms for e-learning. The employees are also provided with access to the promotional schemes in the career-oriented courses and personality development for professional growth. The employee can know the financial status and Human resources.

Employees can also have access to the toll-free numbers of the SBI and customer care numbers. Any staff member can raise the complaints in the HRMS portal regarding any wrong practice happened or the wrong step taken which causes harm to the employees of the bank or the bank in any way.

How to Login to HRMS SBI Portal?

The minimum requirement for logging in to SBI HRMS Portal is the Portal link. The official link to the State Bank of India HRMS portal is The username and password are the next required details for logging in. Pensioners or retired SBI employees can contact the bank branch controller for login details.


Steps to SBI HRMS login:

  1. Click on the official link of SBI HRMS portal which is mentioned above, you will be redirected to the login page of the portal.
  2. There you can find two fields, expecting Username and password. Enter the correct details, PF number as username and date of birth as password and click on login.
  3. If the login details are prompted to be wrong, then contact the controller for the correct details.
  4. If you have given the right details, then follows a security question, answer it and proceed further.
  5. If you answered it correctly, you are logged into the HRMS portal. Now you can access the services provided by the SBI portal.

Updated Tips Regarding HRMS SBI Portal Login

All the current and past staff of SBI can log in to the HRMS portal with the correct username and password verified with branch controller if any issue with the login details.


You can now log in to the HRMS SBI easily by following the above steps and get access to salary slips loan status, holiday list and many more.

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