What is a Stock Screener? How to Use It?


Stock Screener is an amazing tool that helps a lot the investors and traders in filtering the stocks on the basis of the user-defined metrics. These tools are available either for free of cost or also comes with a subscription price. It highly depends upon the features that a person is looking for. With the help of this tool, the user can easily select the instruments that can help them to get fitted into a particular profile or criteria set.

There are many investors who usually take the help of the screeners for finding the stocks that are performing well over a long period of time. With the help of the stock screening tools, it becomes easier to find which startups are having high probabilities for short term positions. The users can easily apply the number of filters on the basis of their requirements while using this Stock Screener tool. The more filters get applied, the few were stocks get displayed on the screen. With the help of the stock screener; the investors for the traders can easily analyze hundreds of stock within no time.

Stock Screener and Trading Strategies:


Stock Screener also helps the investors a lot in setting up accurate trading strategies that can help them in relying on and earning more profit. A trading strategy is nothing but a set of rules that the investor sets so that he can avail more profits with the investments. Any trade entry and exit must meet all the regulations and rules so that every task can be completed with perfection. The specifications included in the trading strategies in walls several factors like the size of the trade entry, filters on the stocks, particular price triggers, and several others.

Apart from this, project future performance more accurately, investors can also go for using historical data. Historical data includes several facts like the technical indicators, analyst estimates and also the past earning results. Apart from this, the current technical indicators are also important to be analyzed or used.

With the help of a strict rule-based trading strategy, it can become easier for a person to avoid personal bias or emotional reactions to the broad market for the individual security movements. Sometimes, it can become so easier for the investors to become over-reliant or dependent upon the strategies and not getting the qualitative results for elements footed into the process.

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Suppose, in case the trader fits a particular strategy for the data has been outperforming from last long time then the chances of getting a false sense of confidence without having any additional thought make get increased and generated. In order to guarantee future performance, it is always suggested to avoid taking past success into consideration. The past success never guarantees the performance of a particular strategy in the future. The live market conditions and trends change continuously and it is important to understand that it will change continuously. That is the main reason, no strategy will work specifically correct in every situation. Some of those trading strategies are categorized as fundamental and these are based on the fundamental factors like the availability of the cash, revenue growth, debt level to people, and also the profitability factors.

How to Use a Stock Screener Perfectly?


The data traders generally use the stock screener tools to help them in choosing which stocks are actually in need of getting the right attention and can provide them high profits as well. With the help of this tool, it becomes easier to make better decisions regarding the stocks. The stock screening tool is basically a process that helps in searching the companies that are meeting the right financial criteria. A stock screener usually has three elements.

  • the database Of The Company,
  • The Set Of The Variables And
  • The Screening Engine.

With the help of the screening engine, it becomes easier to find those companies that satisfy the variables and generate the right list of matches.

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Hence this is all about this amazing tool that can help you out in analyzing all the strategies related to the stock. With the help of the strategy scan feature, it becomes easier for you to scan the strategy you prepare. Once you have a winning strategy, you should set up a custom screen — a winning strategy scan — for your strategy. Apart from this, you can also advantage of Dynamic Charts with News Indicators.

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