Western Union Money Transfer – How to Use, Send and Receive Funds?


Western Union is a wire transfer service. It allows anyone to transfer money around the globe. It is one of the safest and trusted wire transfer services. You can send money from any part of the world to any country. We know that everything has some risks, and it is essential to verify the receiver details along with documents for the perfect transfer. Western union money transfer service is mostly used in transferring funds to the family, friends, and relatives living abroad.

Transferring funds is effortless these days. There are many platforms from which we can transfer funds from one country to another. You can take the example of PayPal. It is used as a global payment service provider. There is a reason why people rely on transferring funds via Western Union rather than any online global payment service. The reason is the charges. PayPal charges more for transferring funds from one country to another, and the dollar rate is also up to the mark for PayPal.

How to Transfer Money with Western Union?


Well, if you have made up your mind using Western Union, then you must be looking for a guide for transferring money with Western Union. Before that, let me explain two crucial points and after that the methods for transferring money using Western Union.

#1 Know who you are transferring:

It is better to know the person at first before transferring the money using Western Union. It is because once the funds are transferred, it can not be revert. Western Union has some guidelines for transferring the funds to friends and families, and the instructions are.

  • If you are transferring the funds to any of your relatives or friends in any critical situation, then it is essential to verify the situation before sending money.
  • Do not transfer the money to the person you met online and asking casually.
  • Do not use Western Union for purchasing goods from the internet. There is no guarantee from the seller or Western Union that the person will deliver your products.
  • Never send money for any employments or lottery winning mails. These all are frauds.

#2 Verify the recipient location and name:

The second step is to verify the recipient location, name and address for proper transferring the funds using Western Union. These details are required by vender to process the transfer. The only thing you need to ensure that the name and address should be same as per the ID proofs of the particular address and also confirm with the recipient about the Western Union vendor near their location for collecting money.

#3 Send money using Western Union Branch:

Visit the nearest Western Union vendor outlet. You need to fill out the necessary forms to process money transfer. There are various payment options at branch available to process fund transfer and, the payments options are using cash, debit card, wire etc.

There may be fees in case you chose a credit card. However, the prices for transferring the money from one country to another may be different as per the country rules and currency rates.

However, if you are doing bank to a bank transfer, then you will need the correct recipient name, BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number) numbers, and the account numbers. This can be different for any other international countries.

Post successful transfer, You will get the reciept.

This is the way of transferring funds from Western Union using the branch. If you would like to know about the other methods as well for transferring money using Western Union, then the other ways are listed below.

What are the other ways to Transfer money with Western Union?

The first option we have already discussed above that how can you transfer money using Western Union branch near your location. However, for your ease, we have also added the other possible ways for transferring funds using western union.

  • Through Western Union Website
  • Over Phone call
  • Using Western Union Mobile app

#1 Through Western Union Website:

The second option to transfer the funds from one place to another is using the Western Union Website. You need to go through the official website of western union and then fill the form for sending money. The money will be deducted from your bank account and then transferred to the particular recipient bank account.

#2 Over Phone Call:

You need to call the helpline number of Western Union for processing money transfer using the phone. You need to provide the telecaller recipient details, amount details, and the debit or credit card details to handle fund transfer. 

The fees may be different for the credit card transactions and post-processing the transaction. You will receive an MCTN number that you need to give to your recipient for receiving money.

#3 Using Western Union Mobile app:

The third and the last other option for transferring funds is the Western Union mobile application. You need to download the application first, and the application is available for both iOS and Android users. 

After that, by filling all the form and necessity steps. You will be required to pay using any of the online methods and post completing the transfer. You will receive an MCTN number. It is essential to keep it safe as it is for the recipient to get their money. 

You need to tell the recipient to use MCTN number and make sure they carry their government-issued ID proof for the verification. Otherwise, they won’t receive money from the vendor.


Western Union is an American worldwide wire transfer company. It allows anyone to transfer the money across 200 countries at fewer costings. It is preferred to be the best money transfer service for transferring funds globally. The headquarter of Western Union is located at Denver. In this post, we have mentioned all the details you need to know for transferring money with Western Union. If there is anything left to ask, then you can ask us in the comments section.

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