Top 50+ Profitable Small Scale Industry Manufacturing Business Ideas


Are you looking for something so you can start your business? Well, there are lots of ideas when it comes to small industry manufacturing. Also, the small-scale industry is known for its profitable results and the best options for the new entrepreneurs who want to start something.  But again, it’s important to have something different idea so you cannot just survive but also get the profitable results too. However for that, here are the 50 profitable ideas that you can consider for your business.

List out 50 Profitable Small Industry Manufacturing Business Ideas:

 Profitable Small Industry Manufacturing Business Ideas

  1. Shoe Laundry:

Well, it’s one of the profitable ideas that you can start without investing too much capital. There is no doubt that people want clean and well maintains shoes, however, they are too lazy for cleaning it on their own. Not just that, the business not just have demand but people also look desperately for such services.

  1. Pillow making

Another idea that you can consider as there is no such house where you do not find pillows. Along with that, it’s important for you to understand the requirements and how the market is working in the current time. Apart from that, it’s important to maintain the quality too.

  1. Bakery

You can own or rent space for starting your own bakery, also make sure to choose strategies that make you different. Not just that, the bakery is also known as one of the profitable deal when it comes to food processing, you can even choose a niche that you like to start.

  1. Cookies or Biscuit making

You can start the business on a small scale, as its a very convenient process that requires little capital for investment. Not just that, there are lots of people who like to have fresh biscuits as usually, the rate of such are cheap and also comes with a different variation.

  1. Candle making

You can start this as part-time, the candles are not just used for religious works but there are lots of people who like to have it for decoration.  There is a huge demand for candles which comes with variations and colors as well as different scents.

  1. Bread production

It’s one of the basic requirements that will not be going out of style. Not just here you get diversified when it comes to opportunities but the demand for bread is never-ending.  It’s simple and much hassle-free too.

  1. Candy Making

There are different flavors in which you can choose to produce hard-boiled sugar candies.  Along with that, it is also one of the profitable ideas in the food processing business where you don’t really have to worry about the capital.

  1. Crafts making

These days people tend to buy more and more handmade décor stuff. The crafts business is not just on demand but also has lots of potentials to get the best as well as profit results.

  1. Cashew processing

Here the process includes cooking, cutting, drying, peeling, grading and last is packing.  It can simply start without requiring too much stuff, just know the basics and you are all set.

  1. Chocolate making

Another option for food processing which holds more than just profits, you are all free to decide the quality and other things that you want. The raw materials are easily available too.

  1. Concrete block manufacturing

Widely used when it comes to flooring and other works, you just need machinery and raw material to start the business. It’s much faster and also easy too.

  1. Lace designing making

The idea can be applied even you don’t have much capital, it can be home-based with few as well as basic things. You can even add machines for increasing efficiency and quality too.

  1. Dairy cover making

Another creative and profitable idea that you can choose for part-time based.  However, just by installing simple machines and having basic things, you can even start the diary making too.

  1. Envelope making

It’s used on a high level, no matter for office or for household work. You can start the business by using a few machines for small-scale business; it’s profitable and also has enough demand that you need.

  1. File manufacturing

One of the most needed essentials that is used in office, schools etc. here you get different options, and you can create both just by using the installation of the simple machine.

  1. Hairband making

Considered as the lucrative and profitable idea that is perfect for such scale business, hairbands are not just popular for girls but also boys are using it. There are different types and materials that you will get.

  1. Honey processing

The process is about removing the wax and other different particulars from the honey. Here you get two options, either you can go with manual ways or you can choose the machines for doing the process.

  1. Ice blocks manufacturing

It is used for transportation or for different other things in order to preserve. You also need to establish units depending on the demand you have.

  1. Ice cream making

Well for this idea you are going to need variations in ingredients and it’s perfect for small-scale industries.

  1. Invitation card making

It requires some simple stuff and machines. Also, the idea is profitable and these days the demand is increasing too.

  1. Jute bag making

After the plastic bag ban, there are lots of people who are going to need the bags in the future; this is no doubt one of the ideal options that you are going to need.

  1. Leather bag making

Another profitable idea which you can consider, leather bags are also a much simple and easier option.

  1. Livestock feed production

The demand for livestock feed is increasing; also the market is also profitable if you are planning on this idea. It also covers the feed related to fish and poultry too. You can start this idea with moderate investment.

  1. Soap liquid making

Well if you have extremely less investment, this one can be the option that you can choose. You can choose or manufacture body soap, hand wash, face wash etc.

  1. Noodles production

Either choose instant or traditional noodles, it’s profitable and easy at the same time. Along with that, you don’t need anything special in terms of machines as well as knowledge.

  1. Nut bolts making

The very important thing that is required in the industrial sector. The idea is not just profitable but the demand is never ending too.

  1. Papermaking manufacturing

You can manufacture handmade papers which are highly used by the students and college elated works, there are different things you get such as filter paper, drawing sheets etc.

  1. Paper cup and plates making

Lucrative as well as a suitable idea with least investment, you can add things for improving quality. Overall it’s one of the best options that you can get.

  1. Pickles making

Well, it’s one of the most edible foods all over the world but also simple and easy to make. Not just that, you can choose the ingredients based on its availability too.

  1. Potato chips manufacturing

Simple in the process and always high in demand, well it’s ideal in both sense without involving too many machines.

  1. Rubber bands production

Highly used in newspapers for folding and rolling it up, also its use in household works too. Overall it’s the need of rubber that will never be going to down soon.

  1. Toys manufacturing

Get the machines investing a little bit and things of making the toys, you are all set for the starting your business.

  1. Soap making

Different types of soaps are used in the different sides; also you need to choose what you want. However commercials soaps have much profit as compare to any other.

  1. Spice powder making

You can take the business according to the results you get; it can be medium scale or high-level scale too.  You also get the range as it completes depend on what kind of spic you want to manufacture.

  1. Staple pin manufacturing

It’s simple to manufacturing staple pins; it can also depend on where you are going to start the business. However, there are lots of thing like quality and durability where you need to focus.

  1. Tissue paper making

There are options you get with the assurance of demand and profit with the low investment. The items are consumable and also you get the freedom to add more to your item list.

  1. Woodworking

It’s much simple especially if you are planning to set it up in your house, you are just going to need some basic stuff and tools.

  1. Jewelry making

The idea is not just good for creativity but people are usually looking more for types. It’s famous on a worldwide level too and attracts lots of people.

  1. Package boxes manufacturing

Required during the packaging, the demand is increasing and you need the investment without worrying about the amount.

  1. Vermicomposting production

Here you are going to need some skills and experience.  Also, it’s good for you if gardening comes in your hobby list. It’s a compost fertilizer which is considering as organic manure.

  1. Chalk manufacturing

Chalks are highly on demand as they are used in schools and colleges too.  Not just that, it is also used in many other industries. In any sense, the demand, as well as the use of the chalks, is always in the market.

  1. Notebooks manufacturing

Notebooks are important for schools and offices. The demands will not be going to end soon and also it takes not that much cost.

  1. Accessories for mobile manufacturing

Smartphones are attracting people on a huge amount and that why the accessories like battery charges, casing, Bluetooth devices etc are in demand as well. The idea is already listed in one of the highly profitable business.

  1. Marbles manufacturing

Marble is one of the flooring materials which are always in high demand. The material is expensive but high in demand. Not just that, it’s profitable however you need to maintain the good quality and image.

  1. Raincoats and umbrella manufacturing

During rainy seasons, is crucial to have raincoats, umbrellas and other stuff for protection. Even it’s seasonable; still, it’s a profitable business that you can start for your business on small scale.

  1. Footwear making

One of the beneficial yet on demand, here you can choose your potential area such as you can choose sandals, shoes, slippers. However make sure to know about the market, you can take the survey too.

  1. Wall clocks production

Production of wall clocks is also one of the ideas that can be fit for lowest capital investment. Even there are big names; you still get the changes to attract the people toward your work. Not just that, average people don’t look for names usually if you are providing the quality.

  1. Stationeries items making

There are lots of things that here you can manufacture which include pencils, rulers, stick-on, sharpeners etc. the demand for such things are extremely high in schools and other organizations.

  1. Frames manufacturing

It’s a simple however thriving at the same point idea, you can start the business as you get the freedom of creativity. It’s a profitable idea where you don’t have to invest something high.

  1. Air freshener production

It can be produced in mass; it is more suitable for a small scale with a low budget. There are huge markets where such air fresheners are available in different forms such as solid, gaseous and liquid.


These top 50 ideas are perfect for those who want to invest little but want to have profitable results. However, there are lots of other things that you need to know so you can understand how all these industries work and what else you need to have in order to get a successful business.  Along with that, you can consider all these options according to your requirements as well.

The business world is not as easy as you need something new in order to get profitable results. However understand what is going to work is surely not that simple, that’s why you need to have lots of options and other things so you can choose wisely. Well for better help, here are the top 50 ideas for a profitable small industry manufacturing business that you can consider as they have the potential to give the results that you want at the end.

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