Top 30 Computer Business Ideas and Opportunities in 2020


A computer is one of the requirements that are used everywhere, it can be a school, house, and office. Well, now you can use the computer for starting your own business. For that, you just need skills and experience so you don’t have to deal with any other situation while starting the business. Along with that, the business should be based on what you understand best.  There are plenty of options you get that you can start on a small scale. Well, there is no doubt that, these days lots of companies earning well even they are not investing too much. For keeping your business successful, you must know everything about how things work.

Well if you are looking for ideas so you can start the business based on your computer, then here are the top 30 options that you can consider. Along with all these options are based on different sections which have its own potential and require a set of skills.

Computer Business Ideas

List out 30 Computer Business Ideas & Opportunities:

For starting any business on any scale, the first thing where the business should focus on is choosing the right idea. If you are looking for computer business idea, then here are best options that can bring lots of opportunities for people like you. Along with that, make sure you also understand other related points that come with the idea so you can avoid any unwanted situation.

1. Repairing and Maintenance of Computer:

Well, once the warrant period ends the users wants something which can help them in maintaining as well as repairing their computer.  The main reasons behind this, such services come cheap as compare to the direct services.  You can start the business from your home and provide the repairing services to the customer’s doorsteps. Well apart from that, the computer industry is growing day by day which means the need for such services is going to boost up too in future.

2. Tech Blogging:

If you know about tech or have any niche which you understand better that you want to share, it’s one of the ideal options that you can choose for starting your own blog. There are lots of people who are earning well, not just that these days tech is listed as one of the profitable niches for blogging.

3. Bookkeeping:

You can start this business and you don’t even need set up as small investments are fine.  Well, the requirement of accounting is in every company, no matter it’s big or small.  It’s important to focus on the accounting for any success in business, but before you go with this idea make sure you are aware of how things are done.

4. Billing and Invoice Services:

There are lots of business as well as corporates who want to hire or take services. For that, you just need any particular software for accounting and computer. You are all set to start your billing and invoice services. Along with that, you don’t need to invest in booking space or any office either.

5. Computer Assembling:

Computer assembling is one of the things that you can choose for ideal business ideas. Due to expensive computers and desktops, many people choose to assemble version which is much cheaper as compared to other options. There are lots of place from where you can get the option to get the assembling parts without paying too much.

Computer Assembling

6. Refilling Cartilage:

Not just it’s good when it comes to the environment as it boosts the reduction of waste‘s landfills. But also its good for staring your own business too, well here you can provide the inks as well as toner cartridge services for refilling. The clients look for such services in order to save money in buying the new ones.

7. Cleaning Computer Service:

There is no doubt that its one of the on-demand services especially onsite, you can also tie up with any other company who is proving the cleaning services for getting better profit and success too.  Along with that, it also counted as an effective option.

8. Affiliate Marketing:

Well, the affiliate markets require having a site of your own and involve sending the traffic to another person’s site so the products, as well as services, can be purchased. The sale that has been done by using your given link, you will get a percentage of profit.  The idea is not just good for startups but its hassle-free too.

9. Computer Dealing:

Computer dealing is not just a lucrative business but also require investments. However, you should create a network before you start the business. As the best network you have with the retailers, the more success you will get as well as profit too.

10. Parts and Computer Accessories Selling:

Comparing this option to compute dealing, here you don’t require too many investments, as well as the profit, are more. The reason is simple, the demand for parts as well as accessories are increasing day by day. Due to that, your business will bloom if you understand all the points first.

11. Upgrading Computer Service:

It’s a huge need of the industry;   there are different companies who seek such services for keeping their computer upgrade so they can work effectively. You can provide such services, it also includes memory upgrades, graphics card upgrades etc.

12. Customized USB Service Selling:

For starring with this idea, you are going to need strong points in industries the design and ability to starting the business.  Well, USB customize services is one of the effective options for promoting the product.

13. Training Institution for Computer:

There are lots of people who look for such services where they can learn about the computer and its operation.  You can start the business as you can provide training and help by providing other services too. Along with that, you can add different other courses so the people can understand it better. It’s one of the ideas, as the computer is turned as basic requirements and almost every organization need people who have the knowledge about the operation of a computer.

14. Desktop Publishing:

It’s the process which is used for combing text as well as artwork together in order to create the documents for print with correct formats. For starting the business, your prime requirements are internet and computer.

15. Reviews:

Well, the buyers look for expert comments and reviews on different things before investing their money. You can start with this; however, you can also choose the niche where you want to review. It’s profitable and also one of the easiest option as well as ideas that you can choose for starting your business.

16. E-Book Publishing:

There are tons of writers who like to write but they don’t get any option to publish it. However, E-book publishing is an idea where you can guide such authors to publish their books and charge fees. It’s a good option which helps both sides.

E-Book Publishing

17.  E- Teaching:

It’s one of the most famous options which are attracting the vast population. You just need to have information and knowledge about any niche and you can start your own classes. Not just that, there are various companies who also help by providing platforms for sharing your teaching with worldwide students.

18. Marketing Consulting:

There so many websites on the internet, however, some of them are not getting the business they want. For helping out, you can start the business where you can do the marketing consult with such companies. It’s profitable and for the long term.

19. Internet Cafe:

Internet café is one of the profitable ideas that you can start, however before you do that you need to get the perfect location. You also don’t need to invest too much as you can work with this idea using minimum amounts too.

20. Financial Management Consulting:

Those people who understand the factors and have deep knowledge about financial management, they can start their consulting business you just have to communicate with lots of people using your computer.

21. Developing Mobile Apps:

The area comes with huge opportunities as almost every organization or Business require apps if you have skills to develop such apps and can introduce something better than this one is an ideal option for you to try your business.

22. Photos Selling Online:

It’s the perfect option where you can turn your hobby into something from here you can earn. Here you just need to target the people you want to sell your clicked photos. This idea is a much better option if you are professional and confident about the skills you have.

Photos Selling Online

23. Payroll Processing:

If you are looking for some idea that you can try a small scale, this one is a good option. Also, you can start this at your home. There are numerous companies who want to hire such payroll services from outside.

24. SEO Consulting:

For those who have experience SEO and its working, they can also start their own consulting business. It helps the owners of the website to get the rank on search engine and optimize it. Along with that, the requirements of such services are increasing as SEO is one of the crucial parts that every online business need.

25. Software Developing:

Its venture for professionals who related to IT, It also plays a crucial part when it comes to business. However, if you know about software developing, then you can start this at your own home. Those who are going for this idea, they need to have a marketing plan which is an important factor.

26. Social Media Consulting:

It’s an internet based ideas that are profitable and easy too especially for women entrepreneurs.  Almost every person is familiar with different social media platforms and using it, the companies are looking for such services so they can manage their accounts.

Social Media Consulting

27. Services for Video Editing:

Well, you can start this option in two different ways, either you can start this at your home without any setup or you can open the studio for it.  You just need the information, skills, and understanding of doing the editing. Along with that, its profitable option you can consider.

28. Online Consulting:

Here you don’t need to invest or visit the person, you just need a basic set up and you are all set. You can choose you are where you feel that you understand better. Also, make sure you choose the niche wisely as its one of the crucial thing for the business.

29. Web Designing Service:

If you are professional in website designing and also know the HTML then this one is a profitable idea for you.  There are huge demands of web designing as its one of the important and basic things that people need who are working in the online business.

30. Virtual Assistant:

The virtual assistant is one of the most in-demand as well as the fastest growing idea that you will get, Virtual assistant, is helpful and much hassle free for industries based on all over the world.  Due to the requirements and urgent need, lots of entrepreneurs seek such services.


Starting the business is not that easy thing; it requires lots of factors where you have to consider. Well but for the first thing and very crucial part is choosing the right idea for starting the business. Well, all these 30 ideas are not just good for those entrepreneurs who want to start the business at home with the least need of investment but also all these ideas are counted in highly profitable ideas for business too.

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