Guidelines to Commence Affiliate Marketing for the Beginners


The Affiliate Marketing program is a process of promoting a particular product or service. The person/s doing such promotion enjoys earning in form of commission for the rendered service.  But, such earning is possible when material selling occurs. The person offers promotion for the products in concern thus act as a bridge between the owner of such product and the potential client.

Since the commission has the sole potential to earn money in the process, the middle agents need to make maximum thrive to generate sales.

A Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners:


If you are a starter in the Affiliate Marketing program, you need to be a good watcher and a good learner. Take note of those plans that have more popularity over its contemporaries. Don’t forget to check out the rate of commission and other perks that the program offers.

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Commission Junction

It is regarded as one of the top Affiliate Marketing programs in the world. With the best kind of networking, it is now able to generate around US$ 2 Billion to such marketers.

The advertisers to the company include Go Pro ad Priceline. The best brand in the world is attached to the corporation. The support group plays a role in providing 24×7 services.


The world-famous Ecommerce website creator provides an option for Affiliate Marketing programs too. Choosing the website will depend on whether your audience likes to be associated with Electronic Business. The referrers will earn handsomely by referring those Ecommerce-lovers to Shopify.

However, the process will require you to encounter a challenge as website selling is a costlier process.

Amazon Associates

The company is the first to offer an Affiliate Marketing program in India. A large number of such persons are benefited from the promotion. The company also helps the entrepreneur through continuous advertising. The program sponsor is able to earn bucks by sharing a link. Such sharing amounts to a sale. Referral fees are also offered as earning.

Amazon Associates are now flooded with options as a lot of companies have started to open their windows on Amazon. Therefore, promoters are enjoying substitution products. The scope of earnings also goes up.

If you are interested to join the program, go to the Amazon Website and look for an affiliate button. You will have to open an account with Amazon in the affiliate assignment.

As you are going to open the account, an extensive process will be awaiting you.

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First of all, you will have to answer some questions. The questions will be about your choice of websites, apps or mobile apps that you are willing to promote. Users can do the promotion from their own blog or a website.

Next, and the last, is security verification. The applicant is asked about his/her mobile number and waits for a call from Amazon.

The application process terminates with setting up payment and tax information.


  • Signup is free
  • Ample products to choose from
  • Reputed and trustworthy body
  • Customization of links and ads is easy

eBay Affiliate

The Affiliate Marketing Program of eBay operates through Partner Network. Tools are provided to facilitate easy promotion for the affiliating associates.


The promoters feel relaxed as they are allowed to deal with eBay products directly. The Affiliate Marketing person will be shown the commission structure at the time of joining.  The company is preferred for other reasons too. You can run other such associations while working with eBay. The scope for additional earning will thus remain open.

The application process with eBay is easy and attractive too.


  • Huge options of products are available
  • Commission ranges are too alluring, i.e. between 40 and 80 percentile depending on the product
  • The first payout is covered through PayPal.
  • Links are easily generated.

ClickBank Affiliate

If you are curious to know about ClickBank Affiliate Marketing program, just visit the site and watch.

The link could become one of the top Affiliate Marketing companies for the versatility of products. The company came into existence in the year 1998. In the first year itself, it was able to generate around $3 billion as sales.

In order to join, you will have to open an account with the ClickBank. An applicant is needed to offer information on personal credentials and payment information.

With knowledge of the applicant being an opener, the Affiliate Marketing provider will send a quick guide for your convenience. For the accession of promotion, you will have to see some recommendations offered by the company.

The products are so interesting that you will feel prompted to sell those. Just copying the URL of the product will help you commence with such promotion.


  • Promotes Recurring Commission
  • Availability of various products
  • The high rate of commission
  • Easy and simple generation of link


Affiliate Marketing is popular but its conduction is not an easy task. People involved in this job need to work hard. The excess effort is needed to make it successful. Go through relevant blogs and articles about this for achieving success.

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